Types of lace


is a type of lacework from Pag on the island of Pag, requires a needle, thread and backing which is a round or square hard stuffed pillow. It is amde without a pre-made design or plan which makes every piece unique. To this day it is used as a traditional decoration on wedding dresses. Precious Pag lace made its debut in 1939, at the World Fair in New York, thanks to the Austrian Natali Bruck-Auffenberger, who wrote a book about Dalmatia and its inhabitants in 1911 while travelling along the coast of Croatia where she discovered Pag and its lace. She bought lace for herself and the austrian dutches Mary-Josephine who traveled to Croatia days after recieving the gift and made a significant financial contribution to the Pag School for lace work. Since then the school has never closed down, making sure that the tradition is preserved. Modern school of lace work exist even today and it is the only school in Croatia for lace work.